Clocks that deserve great mantelpieces

Magnificent skeleton clocks by Dent.

This extraordinary clock is handcrafted over nine months, with each plate individually hewn from solid brass, edge filed, papered smooth, burnished and gilded. Every wheel and arbor, detent and lever is finished by hand to make the whole mechanism a true work of art as well as an excellent timekeeper.
Hand made in England. Limited edition of 50 pieces.

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The first Great Wheel Skeleton Clock made by Dent this millennium was for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. These clocks have proved popular so we have introduced subtle variations on this elegant design to satisfy client demand. Hand Made in England.

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This beautiful half size great wheel skeleton clock finished in 18ct gold With integral bevelled glass case and base, has been created in response to our customer's needs and comes complete with a bespoke flight case for safe and easy transportation making it a perfect presentation gift.
Hand Made in England. Limited edition of 250 pieces.

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At Dent we've been building elegant, accurate clocks for nearly two hundred years. And our current series of gold and rhodium skeleton clocks features timepieces that are every bit as exquisite as their predecessors.

Our clocks have adorned the mantelpieces of every British Royal household since that of Queen Victoria; have accompanied explorers and adventurers; navigated the entire British Naval fleet and Royal vessels; timed the transit of Venus; and kept time at the meridian position in Greenwich.

Dent is delighted to present our range of clocks which still find favour in the great private and formal rooms of the world. The skeleton clock presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in November 2007 can be found in the Garden Room at Buckingham Palace.

Every Dent clock is hand made in England to unique designs that require detailed craftsmanship. These clocks are not only excellent timekeepers, but also stunning works of art.

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