Developing Economies

Case Study

Big Ben is an iconic element of the London skyline and DENT is always striving to create similarly evocative installations throughout the world. DENT is committed to providing iconic installations to developing democracies, for which an improved understanding of the concept of time will be a pillar to their commercial aspirations in the future. Concepts which many countries and cultures take for granted (such as punctuality) may be unheard of in developing nations. A DENT installation can pioneer a cultural transformation by demonstrating that time has an important place physically and socially as well as commercially.

Built to last for literally centuries, DENT horological installations stand for generations and may be considered symbolic of seismic shifts in cultures which are looking forward to ascension onto the global stage. While understanding time will not, of itself, achieve that aim, the importance of that appreciation is difficult to overstate and such advances simply cannot be made without it.

It has been stated that the sound of Big Ben tolling the hours is indelibly associated with peace, democracy, hope and stability. By installing a monument for a nation to treasure, to become a focal point, a source of pride and instilling a sense of community, such a clock may also become the defining image of a nation seeking change for the better and continued peace.