Master craftsmen, horological experts

Dent: past and present.

The story of Dent spans three centuries of precision watch and clock making in Great Britain. Established in 1814 by Edward John Dent, the company embraced the Victorian fervour for technological innovation. Nearly two hundred years on, the Dent name remains a mark of horological excellence.

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King Edward VII owned a Dent, as did Charles Darwin. Dent's Standard Clock at the Royal Observatory kept the British Empire on time. And millions of tourists flock to London every year to take photographs of a the world's most famous Dent: Parliament's Great Clock – or Big Ben, to you and me.

Many things have changed since 1814, when Edward John Dent began making his very first chronometers. But our passion for horology remains. The twenty-first century has seen Dent release two new collections of wristwatches, create a series of skeleton clocks and return to architectural clockmaking.