English Luxury Watch

With the highest regard for craftsmanship and engineering, Dent luxury watches are made to the most rigorous standards. Created with bespoke styling, they are built to be reliable for succeeding generations. Our luxury watches express both functional efficiency and aesthetic beauty, setting the highest standards of horological excellence.

Dent luxury watches are renowned throughout English history, having provided timepieces for the Admiralty, Tsar Nicholas II, the fifth Qajarid Shah of Persia, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II and King George V. Dent also designed and built one of the world's most famous clocks and English landmarks - Big Ben.

Our limited edition collection of English luxury watches provides a choice of white gold, rose gold, stainless steel or platinum, complemented by a matching buckle and worn on a luxurious and comfortable double-sided alligator strap.

Our exclusive range of English luxury watches are the epitome of excellence and craftsmanship. View the full range here, or contact us to arrange a viewing.